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A Sleep Lab by your bedside. Are you interested in how regular your breathing is while you sleep, as well as how often and loudly you snore? You can see easily measure this, and see how you improve over time with tailored advice. When a good night's sleep is so important to health, mood and daily function for both you and your partner, why do nothing when you can have a Sleep Lab by your bedside.

  • You tailor your own snoring feedback during the night, whether it be a voice saying 'rollover' when snoring is detected(rolling onto your side helps 56% of snorers!), a gorgeous classical music crescendo, or the sounds of cats fighting.
  • Determines the type of snoring you have, and recommends techniques and healthy habits to improve you and your bed partners sleep.
  • Plot both your snoring history, and the sound level at night.
  • Continuously analyzing the spectrum of your snoring all night long.

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Spectral Detection of Snoring

Documented Snore Spectrum Dirk Pevernagie, Ronald M. Aarts, Micheline De Meyer “The acoustics of snoring”: Physiological Review

SleepLab detects the signature of your snoring at night, decreasing accidental triggering when other sounds occur. This technology also gives insight into the source of the vibrating sound, as mouth and throat have distinct spectral signatures.

SleepLab Measured spectrum Spectrum Measurement of snoring from within Sleep Lab

so YOU can measure your improvement

SleepLab Improvement Chart

Your score is recorded every night you use snore loop so you can easily see if you are improving, and which suggestions are making the biggest improvement.

You can see your daily score and how it changes over time, as well as a break down of each night's sleep, so you can identify times in the night when snoring was loudest. Are you a morning or midnight snorer?

Did that extra glass of wine at dinner make you snoring louder or longer last night?

Did that sudden humid weather spell improve your snoring?

Did that surgery actually make an improvement? Let's measure it!

Snore Loop Nightly Sound Chart

Tailored Advice and Suggestions

Tailored Advice
Tissues that can effect snoring
By aggregating your snoring data, Snore Loop will give you tailored advice on what you can do to improve your snoring, based on the spectrum that it has measured overnight.

Wishing you a good nights sleep!